10 Packets Detox Foot Pads Foot Patch Detoxify Toxins Feet with Adhesi

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10 Packets Detox Foot Pads Foot Patch Detoxify Toxins Feet with Adhesive Sheets Foot Odour Health Care Tool

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This product contains 10 packets detox foot pads. Using it everyday can help you alleviate foot odour and foot pruritus.

10 packets:

This product contains 10 packets (2pcs in each packet).
Adhesive cloth is provided:
To fix the foot pads we provide you 2pcs adhesive cloth for each packet.
Suitable for people who has foot odour:
Use it once a day and your foot odour will be alleviated or cured after 3 courses of treatment (Regard 60 packets as 1 course of treatment).
Multiple effect:
Improve blood circulation to help you get a better sleep.
Made of bamboo vinegar:
This product is made of bamboo vinegar which has no harm to your health.

Type: Tool of Feet Care
Material: Nonwovens & Bamboo Vinegar
Color: White
Size of Each Foot Pad: Approx. 7.3 * 6.0cm / 2.9 * 2.4in (L * W)
Size of Each Adhesive Sheet: Approx. 12.3 * 9.8cm / 4.8 * 3.9in (L * W)
Item Weight (2 Pieces Foot Pads and Adhesive Cloth): Approx. 12.0g / 0.4oz
Total Size: Approx. 14.0 * 12.5 * 4.7cm / 5.5 * 4.9 * 1.9in (L * W * H)
Total Weight: Approx. 125.0g / 4.4oz

1. Please store this product in a cool and dry place.
2. It can not be reused.

Package List:
10 Packets * Foot Pads (2 Pieces for Each Packet)
20 Pieces * Adhesive Cloth